Welcome to Bob's Stuff

The home of Bob Smith's games for both modern mobiles, and Sinclair's ZX81 & ZX Spectrum home computers.


In this site you'll find pages detailing each of the various ZX Spectrum, ZX81, and Mobile games which I've written so far.  Some are original titles, some conversions of Xbox 360 indie games, and others are versions of games which were never available for those Sinclair machines back in their '80s hayday.

After starting the year with the irrelevance of the ZX81's Flappy Bird tribute Quack!, we moved to the fast-moving demake of Super Hexagon in ZXagon, the exteme maths puzzler of Equates, the mind-blowing puzzling of X=Y=Z, the fast, furious, and very pixellated iOS and Android game of Knockout, and the biological warfare of Pandemic.

I had though that six games in a year might be a record for me, but  have now produced a final game for the year - Rebound - a fast-moving version of Arkanoid for the ZX81.


Updated 23rd December 2014 - Rebound released for the ZX81.