Welcome to Bob's Stuff
The home of Bob Smith's games for both modern mobiles, and Sinclair's ZX81 & ZX Spectrum home computers.


In this site you'll find pages detailing each of the 16 ZX Spectrum games, the 10 ZX81 games, and the 1 iOS game, which I've written so far.  Some are original titles, some conversions of Xbox 360 indie games, and others are versions of games which were never available for the Sinclair machines back in the early '80s.

In 2014, after a busy 2013 converting Gem Chaser and its sequal Gem Chaser 2 from the Xbox 360 to the ZX Spectrum, and Ant Attack to the ZX81, a bit of fun was had with the release of a ZX81 Flappy Bird tribute - Quack!.  And then, a new direction was taken, with the first iOS release from Bob's Stuff - a fiendish maths-based puzzler called Equates.

And now the ZX81 gets another demake of a popular modern game, as Super Hexagon comes to the flat-keyed wonder in the form of ZXagon.


Updated 1st April 2014 - ZXagon released