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326 (2017)

It's a match 3 game!
It's a match 4 game!
It's a match 5 game!
It's a match 6 game!

Build a chain of as many tiles as the number shown on the tile to explode the chain and get the score. Make a longer chain and get a higher score! Rotate the tiles for extra possibilities!

How much can you score in 30 seconds? or 60? or 90?

What if you only have 30 moves to make? or 60? or 90?

What if you only had 2 moves to make a chain, and then 2 to make the next, and could keep going as long as you could?

Compete against your friends, and compare your score against the rest of the world in the global leaderboards, or just for your own satisfaction

Try you hand at 10 puzzle levels, where you need to remove all the tiles, and go for Bronze, Silver, or Gold stars on each!

Choose from 4 different tiles sets - Dice, Tiles, Pool balls, and character blocks from the famous British ZX Spectrum computer - and various background shades

There are NO ads in the game to interrupt the game, and NO in-app purchases needed to unlock progress or features

it's 2017, and Bob's written yet another weird puzzle game!

The idea for this game came from two directions - to produce a mobile version of Dominetris, and do produce a game with absolutely no text, as I keep being hassled by translation companies offering 'very reasonable' rates to translate my games (which I can't afford)

Yurami (2016)

The pixel-art puzzle game!

A challenging puzzle game where you draw tiny pictures. Easy to learn - it only has one rule - but can you master all the puzzles?

The rule is simple - clone tiles by dragging them, and keeping cloning and shuffling them into position so they match the colours of the circles and so complete a picture.

27 levels are included, with further levels available, and more to be added over the following weeks and months.

No time limits
Full undo/redo control
Pan & Zoom to focus on the part of the puzzle you're working on.

** Yurami is designed for iOS 7 and later, and so is not compatible with iPod Touch 4th generation, or iPad 1.

it's 2016, and Bob's written another weird puzzle game!

In my defence, this is probably my most accessible puzzler yet, but it's still likely to be a game which you either 'get' or don't.  It's been fun writing it though, utilising Unity's modern UI system for the majority of its display (for as much of a learning process as anything else), and I did get to do some fun pixel art for the levels, as well as have ago at iAPs and adverts.

So it's free to play the first 27 levels - but I hope some people will go on to purchase at least one of the puzzle packs available and I get a beer out of it :)  If there is a reasonable amount of interest in the puzzle packs then I'll likely produce more, so I'll wait and see how it does...

Knockout (2014)
Knockout - An endless-spinner!

If it moves, knock it out the way before it hits you!

A straightforward single-button game - tap & hold to send your boxing glove towards the endless attack of bizarre objects.

How long can you survive? You only have four lives, and even with a life restored after each wave you're going to find it difficult as the rotations get faster and you end up punching your way out of a cardboard box!

Compare your highest score against your friends, and the world, in Game Center.


After the hugely drawn-out development cycle of my first iOS game, Equates, I wanted my next game to be much more fun, frivolous, and take far less time to write.  So Knockout was born out of a simple mechanic of having the player constantly rotating and only being able to 'fire' - thus forming the basis for a simple one-button game.  Throw in various enemies flying across the screen and you get something akin to Atari's Asteroids, but without all that fuss of having to rotate your ship, or any uncontrollable thrusting around.

To begin with I wasn't happy with how the game looked - all photo-realistic - but as I started to reduce the resolution of the graphics, and make them more cartoony, it started to come together - indeed the sprites aren't much larger than I would have used had this been a game on the ZX Spectrum, and perhaps that's why I liked doing them so - certainly it was nice to not have to think of aligning all the colours on character boundaries.

Matt W - "One Inch Punch Like Asteroids for clowns. Great fun"

Davey Sloan - "Tons of fun So simple, yet so much fun. No greedy IAP, good control system, easy to learn, tricky to master"

Equates (2014)
Tired of word games?  Then test yourself on a fiendish maths-based puzzle game.

Link numbered tiles together using add, subtract, multiply and divide operators to form equations, and collect points for each correct equation entered.  Be careful though, as if a tile isn't used for too many turns it will be removed from play, limiting the choices for your next equation.

Or test yourself against the 56 pre-built puzzle grids, where the aim is to remove all the tiles from play.

No time limits, no cute animals or animations to break your concentration, simply a test of logical brain power.

Sometimes you have an idea in your head which you just have to do, just because.  The idea for Equates has been kicking around for the last five or so years, and started development around two years ago.  About nine months ago it found itself running on my aging iPod Touch, and now, after a change in development from a native XCode game to the Unity platform, I've finally finished it.

There are so many games involving the arranging of letter into words - Scrabble being the most famous - but very few about numbers, and I've always been far better with numbers than letters.  Those games also often include time limits or other devices to pressure you into making a move, and often lots of animations and cuteness, all of which I find distracting.  So this game is unashamedly quiet, with nothing really to distract you from thinking about your next move.

It's a bit different to what I usually do, for a start it's for a modern device, but it never really suited the ZX81 or Spectrum - although both could easily run it - as I felt it had to be played on a touch device.  I may do more iOS titles in the future, it just depends on the ideas, but hopefully the next won't take as long!